[GET] IMVU Credits Generator

We are going to introduce you IMVU credits generator. IMVU is pretty cool 3D chat program like skype or ICQ but developers put IMVU credits there so it's pretty difficult to buy new things. But why wasting your money on it? Check out our IMVU credits generator!

So how does our IMVU Credits Generator works?

IMVU servers are using relatively easy to hack. When you put your Avatar name and chose how many credits you want to generate our IMVU Credits Generator established connection with IMVU server. Basically it connects on their server under private proxy and find your Avatar which is hidden with encrypted code. our IMVU Credits Generator decrypt this code and add IMVU Credits to your Avatar.

More information before using IMVU Credits Generator

You should redeem up to 100 000 IMVU Credits per day. You can do this every day. Also you can generate IMVU credits to any Avatar you want. You don't have to worry about ban or something else because everytime you generate IMVU credits our IMVU Credits Generator use different private proxy.
If you find any bug or you have problem with installing & running IMVU Credits Generator please contact us at exclusivebots@gmail.com and we will resolve your issue.

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